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  The F​ire Within Acupuncture & Wellness

Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me

The Fire Within Acupunctu

Meet Dr Tanya Hartz R.Ac, TCMD, ADS

The Fire Within takes men and women alike on a journey of Self-discovery: "Who am I, Why am I here, and What is my Inner Calling?" They help client's rediscover and connect with the deepest parts of themselves in a unique and powerful way. Client's will heal themselves with guidance and become empowered from the Inner strength they've achieved to the path of enlightenment and Self-fulfillment.

"My favorite part of owning a business is watching the art of transformation. Imagine a flower growing; its growth is slow but steady. Nature challenges its growth - hail pours down, winds prevail and branches may break. All the while the flower keeps growing onward and upward remaining rooted. One day Nature surprises, and the flower is in full bloom. Beauty becomes noticed - This is how I "see" client's growth. Their family and friends will notice how great they feel every day. They will no longer worry about the storms in their lives or what they cannot control. This presence of deep healing is profound."

~ Love, Tanya

Education & C​ertifications

Graduated in 2008, with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Tanya belongs to the ACATCM alumni - in partnership with the Beijing University of Chinese medicine. In 2013, the college published her doctoral thesis on Uterine Fibroids.

Since 2009, Tanya has held a high standard of practice, education and ethical conduct as a certified and registered acupuncturist in the Province of Alberta. The CAAA (College & Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta) collaborates with three professional associations, namely: the acupuncture society of Alberta, the Alberta association of traditional Chinese medicine doctors and the Canadian health profession acupuncture society. 

Tanya is registered with Acupuncturists Without Borders, whose mission is to bring compassionate and effective relief and recovery to underserved communities affected by disaster, war, conflict and poverty around the globe. Membership honours our commitment to assisting those in need.

Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

Tanya is certified by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield - one of the leading proponents of facial renewal techniques in the world today, and has been award with the title of Educator of the Year by the American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) for her contributions to the field of Oriental medicine as a teacher. Mme Wakefield keeps a practitioner referral list, where she has included Tanya's name in her International referral database. 

Tanya is a trained Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist through the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association). NADA is a non-profit organization encouraging community wellness for addictions, behavioural and mental health, emotional and disaster trauma.

Shamanic Practitioner

Tanya has studied the Spirit of Shamanism since 2005 under Amber Wolfe's insight and heart-felt guidance. Amber, a master-level educator and psychotherapist follows the American Shamanic Path, using the wisdoms found in Celtic forms of Craft, Church and Myth that are her heritage. She honours the sacred Native American teachings from the Elders who have shared their knowledge of the nature of this land. Her title translates to "Faerie Doctor," which emphasizes her magic qualities of Self-transformation and personal evolution. 

Honors & Awards

Best Alternative Health - Airdrie City View Readers Choice 2015

September 2015, The Fire Within won "silver" as selected by the public for best alternative health business here in Airdrie.

Calgary Herald Publication

August 2016, The Fire Within was highlighted on the front page of the Financial Post for sharing their insight on the following question: How do you adapt your marketing strategy for Summer?

Top Choice Award Official Certified Nominee 2016

February 2016, The Fire Within became an official certified nominee as recognized for their Acupuncture Services to the local public in Calgary.

Top Choice Winner in Calgary 2015

February 2015, The Fire Within Won The 2015 Top Acupuncturist in Calgary.

Top Choice Winner in Calgary 2014

May 2014, The Fire Within Won The 2014 Top Acupuncturist in Calgary.

Calgary Herald Publication

March 2015, The Fire Within shared their insight on the following question: What's the most effective way for an entrepreneur to find a mentor?

Calgary Herald Publication

August 2014, The Fire Within shared their insight on the following question: What's the best sales advice you've received?

Calgary Herald Publication

July 2014, The Fire Within shared their insight on the following question: How did you get your first customers?

Calgary Herald Publication

July 2014, The Fire Within shared their insight on the following question: How do you mix business and pleasure?

Calgary Herald Publication

May 2014, The Fire Within shared their insight on the following question: How does your business use social media?

Published Article: Thinking Outside the Botox

February 2014, The Fire Within wrote an article about facial acupuncture treatment, where it was published on the Entrepreneur Mom Now's website.

MeJane 3-Part Collaborative

September 2013, The Fire Within had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with 20 women in business to share our thoughts about success and freedom: What it means to us, what is our definition… our paradigm?

Having a Baby: A Local Resource Guide

September 2013, The Fire Within was published in Modern Mama Calgary's annual resource guide catering to local services for mom's and mom's to be. Find them at your local Safeway, Community Centre, or Library. Specializing in Alternative Total Pregnancy Care

Pink Partner - Entrepreneur Mom Now

2013 - 2015, The Fire Within, became a Pink Partner with the Entrepreneur Mom Now - Calgary chapter! EMOMNOW supports mom's and business owners looking to network across Canada!

Published Article & Doctoral Thesis

February 2013, The Fire Within's Dr Tanya Hartz, had her article and Doctoral thesis on Uterine Fibroids recently published and added to her College's (ACATCM) website! If you or anyone you know is suffering from Fibroids and is looking for alternative solutions - this is a must read that compares Western and Eastern modalities alongside healthy living alternatives.

Nadine Nicholson's Collaborative Blog series

January 2013, The Fire Within had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with 12, honest, down-to-Earth women entrepreneurs in a collaborative blog article called: "13 entrepreneurs talk about overcoming the hard stuff, learning lessons and what's next in 2013."

Together we answered 3 questions: 1. What's the hardest thing you've had to overcome the last year? Why? 2. What are 3-5 lessons you learned over the last year? Why? 3. If we were to meet one year from today, what has to have happened over the year for you to feel happy about your progress, both professionally and personally?

Calgary Choice Awards

Fall 2012, a supporter of our business nominated The Fire Within as their favorite Calgary (and surrounding area) business - The Fire Within was nominated for this prestigious award in the categories of Best Independently Owned & Best Medical and Health Care.

Crave Calgary Directory

Winter 2011 - Current, The Fire Within became part of a global community resource for sassy, inspiring women-owned businesses in Calgary. Crave celebrates women from Amsterdam to Hawaii; from restaurants to marketing firms! An empowering go-to business guide connecting gutsy women to other online networks and in-person events.


Spring 2012, Tanya was nominated as a Top part-time International Alliance of Motivated Part-Time Entrepreneurs.These entrepreneurs are awe-inspiring to their peers, within their communities, to their clients/customers for their commitment to their work which they fit around full-time lives of parenting.

2011 Amazing Women Nominees

Spring 2011, Tanya was nominated in Airdrie Life magazine, for the amazing women awards; a registered acupuncturist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr Tanya Hartz provides help, guidance, healing workshops and physical treatment that makes life better for those who know her, whether patient or friend. “She is a young, energized woman with absolutely incredulous spiritual insight!" 


"A special part of your spirit you have given me

has been entwined with mine.

The threads of this are woven into a gentle togetherness,

While separately we stand as individuals

As individual trees deeply rooted into their own plot of this earth

While in the sky our branches join and caress

Creating a beautiful interplay

of light and shadows

against the sunrises and sunsets

and all the skies of our lives."

~Judith Todd McNichol