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Acupuncture & Labour

Posted by Tanya on September 9, 2013 at 6:05 PM

Looking For Natural Methods to Help You in Your Labour?

Many women are unaware that acupuncture can be beneficial in labour. Position of the baby, fatigue and irregularity of contractions can all impact labour progression. Acupuncture has a positive affect in many ways. By stimulating the uterus, and decreasing the sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight response) acupuncture can help:

• Increase fetal activity encouraging the baby into a better position

• Improve the efficiency of blood traveling back to the reproductive system

• Improve the delivery of hormones, such as oxytocin, to receptor cells

• Regulate contractions allowing the body to make better use of each contraction

• Encourage a more rapid progression through labour.

• Positively influence the digestive system improving fatigue and decreasing nausea

• Increase a woman’s natural endorphins to support her in her labour.


Reasons to Call:

• Your water has broken but labour is slow to start

• You are experiencing a slow progression from early labour into active labour causing fatigue

• Nausea preventing you from taking in food or fluids and causing fatigue

• Poor fetal position causing irregular or painful contractions

• Stalled labour or lack of progression

• Support in coping with pain


Common questions and thoughts that arise regarding acupuncture in labour are:

1. Where do you put the needles?

There are a few points located on the lower back that are used in labour but the majority of points are located on the external extremities and on the ear.


2. Would I have to lay still to have acupuncture in labour?

No. We work around positions that are the most comfortable for you.

3. How long will you stay?

Depending on what stage of labor we are attending we can be there anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and sometimes more! Generally we say in early labor expect us to be there 1 hour however in more active labour expect 2-3 hours.

Affirmations for Labour

"My baby and I live in a harmonious world

We are both totally in tune with the rhythm and flow of life.

Birthing is a normal and natural part of life and we will make the process easy for each other.

Our love for each other erases any fears that may come up.

We breathe together in perfect harmony.

My pelvis opens in perfect Divine right order.

Baby and I surrender to the process in ecstasy.

We have time to relax, to let go and to even nap, it is all perfect, even pleasurable.

When it is time to push, the raw power within me will exert itself and my baby will slide out with ease.

All is well, we are both safe, all is well, we are both loved by Life."  ~ Louise Hay


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