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Black Drawing Salve - Herbal Salve 1.5oz


Black Drawing Salve is made for insect stings, irritated wounds, and boils. This salve is meant to be a helpful addition to a first aid kit.

After some research, this herbal salve has been known to draw out large thorns or slivers. Also useful on cuts if they look a little red and irritated around the edges. It has always taken the red and pink irritation out quickly.

Feedback is showing this salve is useful in acne treatment for clearing up pimples when applied overnight.

The charcoal is a very powerful anti-infective ingredient , and the Rhassoul and Bentonite clays help draw toxicity or from the wound.

Homegrown herbs of Calendula, Yarrow and Plantago leaves are included for their anti-infective and wound healing properties. A long-lasting base oil of Extra Virgin Olive oil, Vitamin E and Beeswax comprise the remainder of the salve.

To use the salve:  just clean the cut or wound, dab on the salve, and cover with a band aid or sterile gauze. This is a large 1.5 oz container.

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