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Chinese Medicinal Zi Cao (Purple Root) Salve - 1.5oz Herbal


Zi Cao (Purple Root) Salve is traditionally used for rashes, vaginitis, and burns.

This salve's creation is based on a Traditional Chinese (TCM) oil recipe which is simply  Zi Cao Gen ( Purple Herb Root), or Radix Lithospermi sue Arnebiae infused in sesame oil, which is considered cool in nature .

Other traditional uses are:  burn relief, eczema, diaper rash, blister, vaginitis, and dry skin with itching and burning This salve is also great for stopping itch from mosquito bites or flea bites on animals.

In this formula Virgin Olive, Sesame oil and Beeswax have been added. 

This salve is not for oozing or fungal rashes.

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