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  The F​ire Within Acupuncture & Wellness

Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me


Fertility & Paediatric

"I originally came to Tanya about two years ago as a wounded photographer suffering from carpal tunnel in my wrists and a constant ache in my upper back and shoulders. After working with her through several treatments, the pain disappeared and two years later and 2 crazy wedding seasons, I am still pain free. Fast forward to this year and I was blessed with my pregnancy. All was well up until about 32 weeks when murphy's law took over and if it was a possible complication, I seemed to collect it. At 35 weeks, I learned that due to Cholestasis, a pregnancy induced liver function issue, I was to be induced at 37 weeks. All along, it was my greatest fear that I would be induced, that my opportunity to birth my baby naturally would be taken away from me. At first I was extremely angry and upset, induction was the last thing I wanted. So after a few days of wallowing in my pity party I woke up and decided to take control. My first call was to Tanya. I had heard about labour readiness and induction through acupuncture and knew I could trust Tanya with my body and my baby. We proceeded on a course of intensive sessions several times a week for the 2 weeks. After the first session I felt the baby drop and my body responded with lots of (good) aching and cramping. Each progressive session brought on more cramping and aches and best of all, the most incredible feeling of calm and peace. People would as if I was excited or nervous and I would respond neither; I feel calm and at peace. In addition to the acupuncture, I was also partaking in every labor inducing theory I could find. It was my mission to take the power away from the medical profession and put it back in my hands. I wanted to be put back in control and I wanted this labour on my own terms, not theirs. I was to be induced on October 15, however on October 13, early in the morning I awoke to a terrible headache and when I was checked out, they discovered my blood pressure was through the roof and I would need to be induced immediately. I felt ready and in control even at 36.5 weeks. When I was check I was already 1.5cm and was told that a foley balloon would be inserted and it could take 12-24hrs to get me to 3cm. After 40min I was checked and the balloon came out signalling 3cm - the resident OB had the best puzzled expression on her face, she could not believe I had progressed so quickly. My water was broken and at 8pm, oxytocin was started. I laboured through every contraction with just breathing until about 11:30pm when I was told I would need an epidural or narcotics to bring my BP down. I chose the epidural but by the time it was in, I had dilated to 10cm and was ready to push. The epidural didn't have time to take effect and I felt and pushed with every contraction. At 1:00am October 14, my beautiful boy was born. I overheard staff say "(doctor) is going to have to eat his words on this one"; they seemed to have all believed I would never be able to do this, that I was destined for a c-section. There was never a thought in my mind that I couldn't do it and I think that mentally was helped along by the meditation that occurs alongside acupuncture. I am thrilled with my birth story, I have to the day, the most incredible feeling of power, an incredible high that hasn't ended even 3 weeks later. I had an incredible team to help me through, Tanya being at the forefront and I would 100% recommend her. I will absolutely be utilizing her services for our next pregnancy."

Sarah M, Photographer, Calgary, Canada

"Dr. Tanya has gone above and beyond for me. I have always been a true believer in natural healing, and Dr. Tanya has reignited this fire within me. My husband and I decided it was time to start trying for baby #2, 9/10 months ago. Along with this came the stress of selling our home and moving across the country to be closer to our family. Months have gone by and our house has never sold, and my husband had no choice but to start travelling for work, leaving me home with a toddler, full-time job and no family around to help me in those dire moments. As the months went on I was getting sicker and frustrated that getting pregnant this time around was not working. I made an appointment with my family doctor to discuss hormonal imbalances and was sent for a bunch of blood work that came back normal. But I was still getting worse and struggling to do it all on my own. I decided it was time to look into acupuncture again. LET ME TELL YOU, that the first day when I met Dr. Tanya was an eye opener!! I was so stressed about things that I had no control over and it was slowly taking control over me. She spent hours with me that first day and I remember laying there during my treatment and just letting go of it all. It was like a thousand pounds was lifted off of me. Right then and there I knew I needed to continue my treatments and to mentally focus on the things that really mattered not the things that would eventually work themselves out. I made it a weekly routine to see Dr. Tanya to help relieve my tension and stress; the headaches went away, the anxiety, the shortness with my loved ones, I was a new woman in just 4 treatments... I AM PREGNANT!!!! and stress free. Words alone connote express the gratitude and indebtedness I feel for Dr. Tanya. I plan to continue treatments throughout my pregnancy and until we relocate."

Amanda B, Airdrie, Canada

"When my husband and I were pregnant with our first baby, Tanya helped me relax throughout the entire pregnancy. I was working full-time and got to the point where I had to decrease my hours for the sake of the baby. We found out that our daughter was breech, and Tanya was there offering suggestions and keeping us calm while we filed through the different options the medical system offered us. Instead of having the baby manually turned, we decided to try using moxa, a Chinese herb that was burned around my baby toe - and while there was a lot of movement and we were so hopeful, we soon found out that our daughter had a short cord, and hence the reason she couldn't turn. I 100% believe that acupuncture and moxa would have turned her otherwise.

Fast forward two years later and I was pregnant with our son. Tanya's calming persona and smiles helped me relax when she saw me getting worked up. When the time came and we were due, we really got the see the magic happen with the needles, getting my body ready to do the most natural beautiful thing all over again. As I had a c-section with my first, I was determined to have a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC). She worked on me a couple times getting my body to start contracting on its own, relaxing my mind, and helping me to start focusing and concentrating on what I needed to do. Her talent and friendship have been a true blessing to all my family. I am so thankful for having her in my life. Being a part of helping me along the way and into motherhood is so exciting to have. If you have the chance to meet her and have her work on you, you won't be disappointed."

Katie R, Airdrie, Canada

"I first sought out acupuncture when I was dealing with a lot of stress in my life and not realizing this was the cause to many of my ailments. Tanya helped me open up and release the stresses along with treatments to help open my mind and calm my soul. One of my stressors was trying to conceive baby number 2. After only a couple of treatments we found out I was pregnant! Being able to release and calm myself allowed my body to be accepting and ready for pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy, I suffered severe morning sickness that would often last all day. I continued to see Tanya to help with the nausea and swelling and felt way better with each treatment. We discussed that I wanted to have a VBAC baby and Tanya assured me that I could achieve this! I continued acupuncture and as we approached my due date I started the induction acupuncture. AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I was to be medically inducted and I wanted to badly to avoid this if possible. I saw my OB on Wednesday morning at 9:00am and was told to be back at the hospital for 7:00pm that evening for a medical induction. Luckily when the Doctor got around to checking me at 2:00pm I was already dilating on my own and in labor!! 5:20pm Thursday my daughter was born! My labor was quick and the pain was tolerable... I was expecting horrific pain and a long labor, however I credit my acupuncture treatments for helping my labor and delivery to be as quick and pain free as it was!! I love my Dr. Tanya!"

Anna A, Airdrie, Canada 

"I began seeing Dr. Tanya at 39 weeks pregnant to help get my body ready for labor. She was so helpful and explained the entire process as it was my first time getting acupuncture. She worked very slowly and made sure I was always comfortable (as one can be she's stimulating the needles ;)). During my 2nd of 4 visits, I became extremely light headed and dizzy. Tanya stayed so calm, talked me through it, and immediately put me into a position where I could catch my breath... Afterwards, she performed a drumming session, which I can't really explain unless you experience it. It was amazing! I was sent into a state of meditation and my sweet baby was dancing inside me like I've never felt before. I went into early labor 48 hours after my last session; just one day before I was set to be chemically induced, which I did not want. My labor progressed extremely quick, which is not the norm for a first time mom. I also had minimal tearing and only 20 minutes of pushing, not bad for a alb 7oz baby :) - I truly credit my acupuncture sessions with Tanya for my short, easy labor. My uterus was ready due to the practice contractions she initiated with the needles, and then the true contractions that were triggered in my final session. She also recommended different herbs and supplements to prime the body for labor as well. I would absolutely see her again for my next baby, and start even earlier because of the amazing benefits!"

Katie L, Airdrie, Canada

"I was a week overdue with my 3rd baby when I was told by a friend to try labor induction acupuncture, specifically from Tanya. I had never gone this overdue with my previous pregnancies and this one just seemed to be a lot of false labor but no progression. Nothing I or my midwife tried could get baby moving so I left a message and was so happy to fit in that same day for a treatment. Tanya's presence was incredibly calming, after a very detailed intake and thorough explanation of the treatment and what to expect, we began. I found the treatment incredibly relaxing as well as the atmosphere - I would describe it as a meditative experience. I felt so calm and relaxed, probably the most I had experienced while being pregnant and I could really feel an increase in my baby's movements and the pressure I had already been experiencing. The rest of the treatment with Tanya included a type of guided meditation as well as an application of essential oils and pressure point work on my feet. I left feeling fully rested and as soon as my husband picked me up he commented on how peaceful and calm I finally seemed as it had been a stressful time for me being that overdue. The next day I went for an ultrasound and unfortunately discovered there was no fluid around the baby and I was being sent in for an immediate medical induction. After hours of waiting in triage and waiting for the oxytocin drip to be put in, natural labor started for me!! I really believe that Tanya's treatment is what finally helped my body go into natural labor and even though I still had to have the medical intervention I was able to focus and have a drug-free delivery, thanks in part to a VERY short active labor of 45 minutes. I truly believe things would have gone very different had I not had the relaxation and other benefits of Tanya's acupuncture session the day before. I am so happy I tried one session with her and would highly recommend it to anyone else hoping for a smoother pregnancy and labor experience. Thanks Tanya!"

Christina C, Airdrie, Canada

"Dr. Tanya Hartz was a life-saver for me.. my first trimester I had such bad morning sickness and acupuncture helped to relieve some of the sickness. Just having her to talk to was such an amazing help!"

Bradi H, Airdrie, Canada

"We started visiting Dr. Tanya when my seven month old was having major issues with sleeping and digestion. She was so understanding and helpful that I immediately felt comfortable in having her treat my two year old as well. It has been almost a year since their first treatment and my toddlers are the healthiest they have ever been. They are no longer struggling with colds and viruses all the time and we continue to address concerns as they come up, whether physical or emotional. Monthly visits to Dr. Tanya have become a necessity in our health care regime and I'm grateful to have my entire family under her care."

Tracey F, Airdrie, Canada

While treating a very quiet and unsure sweetheart.. tears stream down her cheeks while a couple of needles are gently inserted to help heal her sore tummy. I console the sweet little girl and say tears are perfect, you are releasing and in doing so your tummy will feel better. Did you know I love lady bugs too? She pulls back her blonde hair, shows me her earrings and I know instantly we've connected.. Though she won't give any hints during treatment that she's alright, she says to mom, "Next time we see Dr Tanya, I'm going to bring my lady bug stuffy to show her!"

Reflection of a 9 year old client, Airdrie, Canada

"He is (we all are) so grateful for all you do for him! He feels like he can conquer his anxiety after treatments and feels so much better knowing he has a plan that works! Thank you <3"

"I took him back to the Dr's office today as it was looking a bit like strep throat. They did a throat swab so we would know for sure. However, in the appt. Jason was so disappointed with them. He says, "Mom, they are all useless - can we please just go back to Dr. Tanya? At least she makes me feel better."

Shamanic Acupuncture

"Putting into words how I feel about this amazing experience, "Know the One", is very difficult. It is beyond my vocabulary in many ways. Though Dr. Tanya Hartz prepared me as best she could for this 8 week process, I am in "awe" of what has happened to me on both physical and spiritual planes.

I absolutely looked forward to each appointment with excitement and anticipation of what I would learn each time about myself. However, my excitement was also tempered with fear or anxiety at times, as "Know The One" took courage and a level of trust I wasn't used to. I had to trust myself, in a way that was uncomfortable at times. I had to trust Dr. Tanya as well, but this part was easy because of her thoroughness and attention to detail. Her desire to "help you heal" is authentic, and spiritually driven, rather than ego driven.

Dr. Tanya is wise beyond her years, and I am sure, is a very "old soul". Her wisdom of the human psyche and the needs of a damaged soul are absolutely amazing and she truly has a special "gift". Since consciously beginning this spiritual journey a few years ago, I have had the good fortune to meet a few "good' therapists of different modalities, but NEVER had I met anyone like Dr. Tanya! NEVER. She is the epitome of "excellence" and I feel very blessed to have her as my acupuncturist and healer.

I have been so pleased with this 8 week journey, I would highly recommend Dr. Hartz and the "Know The One" experience for anyone who is seeking physical healing, emotional healing, and of course, spiritual healing and growth. When I met Dr. Tanya, I had daily headaches, and severe neuropathic pain in my arm and neck. As I moved further along in this journey, my headaches became fewer and father between, and my arm pain is virtually non-existent most of the time. I didn't expect this, so it has come as a complete surprise to me that I could heal myself, with Dr. Tanya's guidance! She will tell you openly, that she is only a "catalyst" for healing. You will heal yourself, and she will be the catalyst for the healing. What an amazing partnership!

On a spiritual level, I can tell you that I have grown more than I could have imagined in only a few months. My friends and family have noticed, and most importantly, I notice, how great I feel every day and I am no longer "fear driven". The many changes I have experienced, are a result of the "Know The One" journey, which helped me uncover my true self....I am getting to Know The One (the self)....finally."          

Nancy P, Airdrie, Canada

"I commit to you to write a real and full testimonal (I've already started crafting it in my mind) but I would like to send you this one right now. My boss just came into my office in a terrible state. We are very close and respect and trust each other very much. As it turns out, before I went on holidays he gave me some information on my "rating" (every year, we all get ranked against each other to determine what our bonuses etc are) that wasn't accurate. He didnt' know when he was telling me that it wasn't right, but he had to come back and tell me that instead of being the highest rank, I was the next one down. This has some serious financial implications as well as "career" implications. (the higher you are ranked consistently, the easier it is to get promotions, other opportunites etc) So he has been in quite the state since I got back and now I know it's because he's been meaning to tell me this for 4 days now. I could tell he was visibly upset about it which further reinforced the fact that he wasn't "Screwing me". anyway. The testimonial part of this is that I didn't really react. I took in the information and I processed it. I know that big company process does alot to distort the intent of things in general here so I knew it wasn't personal. I also knew that being ranked second best is still very good because it's out of 5 and I just moved up peer groups. I knew that the money didn't really matter because I generally don't count my bonus until it's in my bank account. In short, I stayed centered. I could have gotten mad, sad, upset, pissed off, discouraged etc but I didn't. It was ok. I am really ok with it. And I spelled that out to him. I think he didn't really believe me but at the end, I said "I still have my Costa Rica Chill". He started asking me about that, and I ended up telling him about this shamanic work and how the real puropose of it is to allow the craziness of the world to revolve around you, so that you can deal with it but not get sucked in. I really truly realized how powerful this is and how centred I have remained during all of the "tests" that the universe is throwing at me. Thank you for showing me that I have the power to not only heal myself, but prevent myself from further injury and stress. It has been the greatest gift I have possibly ever been given. (now if only we can get others to know the same...I promised to elaborate more for him some time.) Great Thanks, Great Peace, Great Love."

Juli R, Calgary, Canada

"I came to Acupuncture out of frustration with the western medical system. I stayed because of the power of Tanya and her Shamanic treatments.

I knew that the source of my illness was not bacterial or viral but rather; energetic. I knew that the western medical system would not pick up on this and that test after test would continue coming back inconclusive.

Before I came to see Tanya, I contemplated doing deep spiritual and personal growth work in a secluded solo type manner. I wanted to get away from all of society with trained guides until I figured everything out. I felt like I wanted to just take a leave of absence from work and the rest of my life, go away and straighten it all out, and come back refreshed. On days when life is overwhelming, that seems like it would have been a good idea. It's hard to live day to day life and process such deep treatments, but I know that I made the right choice in going to Tanya and taking this journey over an extended period of time. It allows me to understand how to integrate what is already here for me, and how to be present in my world while constantly growing. To me it feels like a lifestyle change rather than a "Fad diet" type of thing.

Keep in mind that this journey is about you AND your relationships. It’s about what you’re willing to invest in it, what kind of support you have in your network and how you engage with the challenges presented to you along the way. I encourage you to fully submerge yourself in the experience and be open to all sorts of new possibilities. The work you do here will change the world."

JR, Calgary, Canada

"Tanya has become known as my "life-saver." At a time when I was completely drained and void of life, in pain all of the time and over-exhausted, she was there. Although, I first went to Tanya for strictly acupuncture for chronic pain, she realized that what was happening with my body was more then just pain physically. With her intuition and practice, she introduced me to shamanic acupuncture, mediation and cupping, all which released me from the stress that I had been holding mentally and physically. With her knowledge, attention to my inner feelings and compassion she has rejuvenated me from the inside out. I am truly thankful for Tanya coming in to my life at the right time that saved me from a downward spiral of pain and chronic fatigue. If you want to get more out of life then just living, reach out to Tanya and The Fire Within."

Tricia M, Edmonton, Canada

"I have been trying to come up with the right way to give a testimonial for Tanya and The Fire Within. I keep trying to come up with the best words and descriptions that could really make prospective clients understand what they are about to receive. And I can't. There truly is no way I can express what Tanya has done for my life and me. I was somehow blessed to stumble across this person who instantly put me at ease, made me feel welcome, safe and relaxed; who truly listened and cared about me. I don't think her level of caring and going the extra mile for her client's even exists elsewhere. And that's where it gets hard to write a testimonial. You really just have to see for yourself. I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect at all the first time I went. And it turned out to be one of the best gifts I've ever given myself. Even though my family and I have moved back to British Columbia, I still come out to see Tanya. I couldn't imagine not having her in my life. I wish there was a way to repay her even a little for what she's given me. I don't see how that's possible, but all I can say is thank you Tanya, from the bottom of my heart. I hope that the right people read this and will make the same decision to give themselves the gift of Tanya."

Devon S, Abbotsford, Canada

"I just wanted to thank you so much for my last acupuncture treatment. I have been feeling quite an amazing sense of relief from the depression I've been going through for the last few months... My mind has actually never felt this clear and "at peace". Thank you so much."

Carla, Airdrie, Canada

"You can seamlessly transition from being a friend to talk to for support and guidance at the start of treatment, to this amazing shamanic healer who completely relaxes you on the table, pokes you full of needles, reads shamanic prayers and bangs drums."

Acupuncture & TCM (traditional Chinese medicine)

"Skeptic would have been a good description of me at the start of treatment, especially regarding all the Spiritual stuff. I was pleasantly surprised when I started to find my balance physically and emotionally. I was shocked and amazed when the treatments got me to a point of functioning on my own. I was diagnosed in May/June of this year with Carpal Tunnel the treatment was surgery. This could not work for me as I am the mother of 2 small kids - both under 3. On top of that I have been dealing with postpartum since 7month pregnant with my oldest.

I can truthfully say my wrists are 95% better with only 1 maybe 2 flares a month and I have an inner balance and calm that I have not experienced in years.

Thank you Tanya from the bottom of my heart for working with me to find me again. I look forward to our continued success and value our time together."

Kori N, Airdrie, Canada

"Tanya, Thank you for everything. It's been a very tough couple of months and I couldn't get through it without you. Love you so much, Mom."

Debra U, everywhere <3

"I would recommend Dr. Tanya to anyone who is serious about healing and wellness. If you aren't sure yet, or are still mulling around the idea of "spiritual growth", I suggest you not book with Dr. Tanya, yet. There are many other acupuncturists who are happy to do acupuncture without a "bond" between them and the client. Dr. Tanya has a powerful spiritual energy, and wisdom beyond her years. If you are willing to search, she will search with you, providing you with the healing support you need. And I promise you, it is well worth the journey!"

Nancy, Airdrie, Canada

"I can't even imagine what my health would be like right now had I not met Dr. Tanya Hartz and started acupuncture treatments almost two years ago. I was having many symptoms back then that I rarely experience anymore because of her treatments. I now consider her to be a great friend and confidant as well as my Acupuncturist and look forward to our conversations as well as my treatments. I leave my treatments feeling rejuvenated and de-stressed. Having acupuncture has given me a new awareness on how the stress in our lives can affect the body in so many ways. Dr. Tanya has been extremely helpful in giving me a better understanding of how our bodies need balance. She truly is a "great healer", spiritually and physically and I feel very fortunate that our paths have crossed."

Jacquie W, Airdrie, Canada

"In November 2015 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Although I have been seeing Dr. Tanya Hartz for a few years I have appreciated her more in these past 9 months. Having a treatment with Tanya is like having a cup of tea with an old friend. Afterwards I am de-stressed and float home to a good night's sleep. She is a caring, compassionate person who treats you like a friend, not just another patient. I would highly recommend her to everyone."

Glennis D, Airdrie, Canada

"I first came to see Dr. Tanya in February. I was suffering from ovarian cysts. The cysts were very painful and were approximately 4.0 - 4.5 cm in size. I was bloated, tight, the pain would radiate into my hip and down my leg. Everything felt wrong. After about a month of intense treatments with Dr. Tanya, I had a follow up ultrasound and I am happy to share that the cysts have completely gone away. I am 100% convinced that this was due to the amazing acupuncture sessions with Dr. Tanya. I would recommend Dr. Tanya to anyone!!! Thank you!"

Leanna W, Airdrie, Canada

"Thank you Tanya for the fabulous appointment. You truly have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with your patients. I have been meaning to write this message for a while and it is long overdue. I was really impressed with your expertise and lovely demeanour. I love that you put your own unique twist to the traditional acupuncture and are following your inner voice."

Agnes R, Calgary, Canada

"Thank you so much Tanya, what an amazing experience - if you can believe my ankle isn't aching - which is odd because I have limped every time I have gotten up from sitting for months. I am looking forward to all the other great changes. You are very good at what you do and I can see why you won the Calgary Choice award for Top Acupuncturist in Calgary."

Arlene H, Airdrie, Canada

"I recommend Dr. Tanya to everyone. Her energy and touch is so gentle and she made me feel so comfortable. I have never felt so amazing and relaxed as I did leaving my first session."

Jessica N, Calgary, Canada

"Aches and pains aside, the value in what you do for my whole well being is endless. I thank you and credit you for the improvements I have made in mind, body, and soul."

"You are absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better acupuncturist, you are fabulous at what you do!"

"Tanya listens and understands what's really being said, even before I know what's going on with me."

"You are so relatable ~ you are easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and also include your own stories and history into the conversation. You also give opinions and advice, which is amazing."

"Tanya makes you feel at home from the first treatment. I feel very comfortable with her - she is more like a friend than a practitioner."

I love your relaxed environment! I look forward to my treatments. Like "Chicken Soup" for the Soul!"

"You are a unique individual with a beautiful soul. So grateful for your practice."

"Tanya is deeply involved and loves her work. Her dedication in helping people is never ending."

"Tanya, you have made such a large impact in my life it's hard to really describe. I can't thank you enough for everything you have helped me through."

Shamanic & Acupuncture Workshops

"I had the opportunity to explore 'The Power Animal Journey' with Tanya recently. My experience was more that I ever hoped for. I have never thought I was very spiritual and when people say "I could just feel her (his) positive energy" I would think - Well I liked the person - and not give it much thought. When I entered "The Fire Within" Clinic I immediately felt the comfort of the surrounding. Music, lighting and smells all play a part in physical and emotional response to her place. Tanya guided me through a 'Meditation Journey' and a 'Drumming Journey'. For me the 2 experiences were very different and both very calming and visual. I was amazed at the physical well being and comfort I experienced from visualizing my Spiritual Guide during the Meditation Journey.

Do I understand what really happened? No. I will continue to try to understand and achieve this experience again and again, for the total well being I felt, for that brief time. During the 'Drumming Journey' I was shown an animal, and this time it was a happy and joyful, almost care free feeling, the drums are very hypnotic and time seemed to have presence. It was a wonderful evening and I would recommend this experience for everyone. Our minds are so powerful and we use them so little to enhance our well being."

Dr Beverly S, Calgary, Canada

"I have gotten to experience 2 workshops with Tanya. One called "Know the One." The other called "The Shaman's Dream." With each workshop I experienced very strong spiritual and emotional feelings. The drumming is my personal favorite; gets deep into your soul and makes you feel power you have never felt. The meditation gave me a chance to go very deep into myself. I cannot put all of what I felt or saw into words. I just know that when I finished the workshops I felt strong, relaxed and very peaceful.

Tanya puts all of her strength & passion into her what she does. She has a very soft healing touch. She is truly a very spritual and loving person - all that shows in her workshops and acupuncture. I am proud to call her my friend."

Julie P Brockville, Canada

"Power Animal Drum Journey Testimonial: When I first was explained to how this Workshop works, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to relax. Tanya took her time with me before we even started! She did a few acupuncture points for relaxing and made me a wonderful tea concoction. After about 20 minutes, I was so unbelievably relaxed, we started.. Tanya's voice and commitment to what she is trying to achieve for you is unmatched. As it was only her and I, she joined me in the meditation portion of the journey. That was very comforting. I was able to remember exactly what I was to meditate about, seeing all the things she promised me I would!! At the end, I was so filled with positive energy and raw emotion that I have never felt before. It has been quite a while since that day, and I can remember everything that I saw and did like it was yesterday. I will always be grateful to Tanya for this, as it has given me comfort in times of need, unsureness, powerlessness, & many forms of susceptibilities. FIVE STARS!!! Thank you so much Dr. Hartz!!!"

Angela P, Calgary, Canada