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  The F‚Äčire Within Acupuncture & Wellness

Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me

Power Animal Drum Journey

Coming Soon...

A guided spirit journey, takes you to the world of animal spirits to meet your power animal. Your power animal is a being, a member of an animal nation in spirit form, who has been with you all your life and will continue to be with you. This individual has tried to help you even when you have not been aware of it.

In the ceremony you become conscious of this being and will then be able to carry on an intimate one-to-one relationship within non-ordinary realities and within your everyday world; a relationship full of excitement, intrigue and knowledge. Your power animal can help and guide you in extraordinary ways that reach far beyond your accustomed boundaries.

Within this tradition our Power Animal is a specific being from an "animal nation" which has committed to fulfilling this role throughout our entire life, it never changes places with other spirit animals.

We have many helpers from the animal spirit world and we can form intimate relationships with all of them, but our Power Animal is with us all of our lives. Only when people are dying do we see the Power Animal leaving the side of the spirit of that person because its commitment is fulfilled.

The compelling sounds of the traditional drumming are an integral part of the ceremony and are said to carry you through the worlds: they become your sacred vehicle into the realms of the unknown.

Come dream with me, and together let's find your animal reflection.

Meditation for Empowerment

Coming Soon... 

Four Deep Meditations to cleanse, dream, express and connect yourself to a quiet and empowered place within.

We will begin with Smuding, transition into two Shamanic meditations -'Auracleanse', and 'Deep level Hypnotic Imaging Exercise', revealing clarity of mind and receptivity to your inner wisdom. Dive further into your vision with the rhythmic beat of the Shamanic Drum. Express the inner vision creatively through dancing, drawing or writing....

After a short break, we will refocus our energies and follow our meditation into the'Spiral Connection Image', and opening up the 'Wise Weaver' that lies within us all...

The Shaman's Dream

Coming Soon...

"In Vision we Dream"

Let the Shamanic Journey be your guide, to find a vision and create reality.

Objective: Begin with a "cleansing with smoke" Smudging ceremony to remove any negativity or attachments that you've brought with you; Clear your mind with the "Clear-Mind Awareness Exercise." Feel the quiet focus of your mind. Dream and allow yourself to step into the "Shamanic Journey Meditation", deeply connecting to a vision with the heart beat sound of the shamanic drum guiding you. Create your own person dream board, weaving your vision's reality.

Girlfriend's Evening: Masks & Meditation

Coming Soon...

Spend the evening under the stars with your best girlfriend and in the company of other women connecting while experiencing a few different holistic masks, meditation, wine and laughing the evening away!

Discovering your Shamanic Awareness - Journey of the East Spring Seminar Only

Coming Spring 2016...

Spring Equinox has arrived; New beginnings in the air.

Let us make our own medicine;

and together, follow our Inner Awakening.

I have been guided through Spirit to invite my soul mates,

On a Journey Within.

To Reawaken

Your Inner Shaman,

Your Inner Wisdom,

Your Inner Guide.

When we listen to our inner guide, we can find our deepest connection to truth, our truth,

To Reclaiming our Power.

If your heart calls, let me be your guide,

To: Discovering Your Shamanic Awareness - Journey of the East

Objective: 3-4 hour focus group/ Illuminating Workshop. Organized to open your divine psyche through Meditation, Acupuncture, and Creative exercises taught of the Eastern Medicine Wheel (the direction of destiny).

Greater Objective: To reconnect humankind to Nature. Without a word, without a sound.